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Use of U-Report in the COVID-2019 Response

The Global U-Report Response

The U-Report in Humanitarian Action team is a collaborative effort led by Office of Innovation, EMOPs and PD-C4D, in coordination with the COVID-2019 Secretariat and DOC is working to support 65 U-Report countries with close to 9 Million people.

  • Ø  15 U-Report programmes/country offices have opted-in to activate the U-Report Coronavirus Information Centre (Bot).  With more country office activations lined up after approval from the Ministry of Health counterparts this month (February 2020).

    Ø  Below is a summary of U-Report engagement on the global platform and in the following countries: Jamaica, Myanmar, Malawi, Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Italy, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Indonesia and Uzbekistan with a total of 82, 808 U-Reporters

    Ø  COVID-9 Bot and U-Report platform resulting in a total of 154,116 people engaged through U-Report CoronaVirus informaiton and bot and over 197,300 interactions (number of times a U-Reporter gives or receives information) 

    Ø  There have been 2,000 requests for “Other Information” and the Global U-Report team is working with translators to analyze open ended questions and responses.

The U-Report Coronavirus Information Centre

You can freely access information about the Coronavirus through U-Report Trinidad and Tobago by messaging us the word: coronavirus

To access U-Report you can text the number "8868" or send the message to our Facebook page: U-Report Trinidad and Tobago.

You can access the following information:

  • o   What is the Coronavirus?

    o   How does the virus spread?

    o   How can I protect myself?

    o   How can I protect others from getting sick?

    o   Myths about the virus

    o   How to wear a mask?

    o   Other information I need about the virus (you tell us)

Feel free to share this graphic with your network. By spreading accurate and easy to understand information, we can fight fear, panic, fake news, and stigmatization. Let's keep ourselves and others safe by sharing the facts about the Coronavirus!

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.