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How to build personal development skills in less than 30 minutes

Opportunities, employment, the economy, all of these things seem out of our control. As we transition from one stage in our journey to the next, whether it is entering a new form or writing a big exam, It seems as if we are endlessly hit with new obstacles that we have no control over.

 Here’s the good news: You can rest assured we have control over the most important thing that can influence everything else around us: our personal development.

Personal Development refers to the conscious effort we put into improving ourselves, and there’s an easy way to do it: FunDoo

FunDoo is a chat-based platform that delivers 21st-century skills at scale through real-world tasks for young people between the ages of 14-24. It is a simple yet powerful mini-personal development course accessible on your Whatsapp or Instagram messenger.

Here are some benefits of FunDoo:

● Improve leadership abilities

● Speak with confidence

● Improve logical thinking

● Gain creative skills

● And so much more!

You get all of this for just 30 minutes.

As young people, we often have a passion for solving issues around us. Whether that be lack of access to quality water or even Gender-Based Violence. This is an opportunity where we can equip ourselves to fight our issues at a higher level.

Join our FunDoo now by texting funDoo to 296 7723 on WhatsApp or @ureporttandt on Instagram!

Submitted by Bernice Antoine, U-Report Youth Committe member and U-Ambassador

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